The Blueprint Competition – Your Life Your Way

To Celebrate The Blueprint, a special free ebook available from this site, announces a new competition.

The Prize is a £10 Groupon voucher to spend on a discounted experience, event, or ticket of your choice. The Blueprint is about living your life, you way, which fits nicely with the voucher  idea of choosing your own prize. Also, using this Groupon voucher means you can leverage access to all kinds of experiences beyond the value of the gift token itself.  I should know, I had a brilliant spa experience with a Groupon voucher, now so can you.

Enter the Blueprint Competition in any of the following ways:

  • By commenting below and letting me know who you find inspirational
  • By liking on Facebook
  • By following @ConfidenceTime on Twitter (the Twitter profile)
  • By tweeting this competition
  • By subscribing to the blog by email

You can even enter more than once  –  like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, comment on the blog, and subscribe by email, which will be recorded as five entries, multiplying your winning chances.

The Blueprint Competition winner will be drawn on Tuesday 30th April 2013.

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27 Responses to The Blueprint Competition – Your Life Your Way

  1. I find my friend inspirational, his health is so bad with diabetes and he is hooked up to an insulin pump and sick every day and yet he is such a happy positive person!

  2. My autistic son, who continues to amaze us every day, yet struggles to do things some of us take for granted.

  3. Heather Mills – with the press rallied against her by Paul mccartney I admire her calm.

  4. Byron Katie has been a big inspiration to me. Reading one of her books turned my life around.

  5. Aung San Suu Kyi, the most amazingly brave and intelligent woman who fought for her country through the worst adversity. Her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech brought tears to my eyes.

  6. David Attenborough – his tireless campaigning for knowledge of nature is incredible!

  7. A little corny but my parents – they started out with nothing and have done so well. If I ever feel overwhelmed I always think about them.

  8. I find Ant n Dec inspirational so entertaining but they can also deliver serious messages too. They are people friendly not above their stations and still true to their roots

  9. i find my Mum insporational! she has shown me how to be a good mum and i can rely on her no matter what

  10. My mum is always there to put a smile upon my face,
    whether I’m down in the dumps or just won 1st place.
    She’s so very special and sweet
    hardworking I think she deserves a treat!
    My mum’s love couldn’t be bought at no cost,
    she’s amazing and without her I’m lost!

  11. katie piper – shes overcome alot after what happened to her – never letting herself be overcome by what happened to her and has gone on to help people too i think thats inspirational

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