On a Mission? Go Large

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Reaching Out, Changing Lives – We’re on a mission

Find your Mission… Then Go Large

It’s been a while since my last post, hasn’t it? But I have been away from the blog trying to practice what I preach. Let me explain.


I work in a life change centre 5 days per week.  It’s called the Storehouse, and its based in Southend, Essex (UK). The Storehouse is generally known as a place “the poor” can come and get food parcels when they are in need of food.  But we aren’t really a food bank.  We are a life change centre and our motto is “reaching out, changing lives.” In this place we help between  600 to 800 people a week with emergency help and food parcels.  That’s where the change starts.  We offer people the chance to address their problems by taking responsibility for how their lives have unfolded so we can help them move on. The first part of changing is to accept where we are at, and take responsibility for it. From acceptance and responsibility comes the desire to change and then comes action.
I have been dedicated to the pursuit of personal development since 2000. In 2005 I began to promote life changing workshops. And I have had the joy of working to help people change their lives at The Storehouse since 2009.  In 2010 we started to deliver life change courses and we now run a totally unique monthly program serving 20 per month which will have helped create positive change for more than 1000 people by 2016.

This Blog

On this blog I will continue to share truths along with some brilliant old and fantastic new ideas to help you move on in your own life. Lessons learned in the delivery our life change courses will be shared here.  Ideas and methods from my own research will also be shared for your benefit. I aim to be entertaining and informative, but most of all I hope to give you something which really works.

The posts will be once again be weekly, with more frequent updates when we have news to share for your benefit.

This is the real deal and I really want to help you succeed. My six months absence from posting to this blog is because I am serious about this stuff.  For six months I have been dedicated to fulfilling a lifetime ambition of writing a high quality, full length novel. The editing phase is well under way and  the novel will be released late this year. It will be published under a pen name, soI hope you can see I mention this not to plug the book, but to show you that it is important to set yourself challenging targets which are in tune with your deepest ambitions. We all need to honour ourselves in his life.  if we don’t do this, we cannot expect anybody else to do so.

Make yourself a life to be proud of

I had to put CC.net on hold to invest  time in another project.  That project is almost complete.  When it is finally done, I will have expressed that part of me which has always needed to be expressed so the whole me can fully function.  Does that sound pretentious?  Well, its true nonetheless. To  fully live every part of us must be allowed to see the light,  including the part of us which contains the biggest goals we can often shrink from because they seem too intimidating for us to consider.  Let me assure you, no goal is too big for you,  because if it is your dream then it was meant to be.

It took me a really long time to find my a-ha moment.  But when I did I realised my purpose in life is very much like that of The Storehouse.  Funny that! My goal is to reach out and change lives – but for me this means writing books, by communicating to people across world and in helping people overcome their barriers to have a better life.  And in order to do to achieve this, I have to keep aiming high in so I can scale all the varying peaks along the way.

So I encourage you to aim high, be bold, be global even.  Do not aim low because you think it cannot be done, whatever it is.  Aim high and move forward step by step, and make yourself a life to be proud of as you release every last ounce of your brilliant potential.

Here is a question to get you started today: Your Mission Exercise

What is your mission in life? You may think you haven’t got one. If so, think: what would you like your mission to be? Think on this and dare to write down all the answers you can come up with.  The one which excites you most is one you are moved towards. This is your mission in life. And if it seems ridiculous, never mind.  This is your life – are unique and you may yet accomplish things beyond the imagination of your peers.

Go large.  Supersize your life.  Choose your mission.  And go for it.
You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll only regret it if you don’t.

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