Hard Yards for Sweet Dreams

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Hard Yards for Sweet Dreams

I’ve been putting the hard yards into achieving my dream for two years now, so I could come back and tell you all about it.

I have never wanted to be incongruent with the messages and ideas I write about here on this blog. I firmly believe in pursuing our dreams and living our highest possible calling in order to lead the most fulfilling life we possibly can.  I have read and implemented as many useful decision making, visualising, life changing techniques as I could find and follow. Many of them I perform everyday to keep my personal compass aimed in the right direction. All in the pursuit of a better life.

But there was one thing niggling me from way back – and it was still niggling me when I set out on writing this blog in 2012.

There was still a life-long dream that I had not fully pursued. I was living beneath my potential and I knew it. So here is what I did to rectify the situation.

In 2013 I decided to head off and achieve that dream was niggling at me, saying you talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?… Now, to put this in perspective, I had no idea if I was going to be successful in this enterprise. I just had a felt a lot of desire, but had no guarantee it would work. But I did feel a massive amount of determination. And if I was going to do this thing it was going to be now or never – So it had to be NOW.

I started off by putting in the hours, working on my dream every day.  I made some changes. I gave up crap TV. I gave up  wasting my time. I gave up on giving up. I kept at the task in spite of distractions, set backs and false dawns. I pursued it. I ran after and chased what I wanted to achieve. You know what happened?  I wrote some great books. I published them. But for some reason they tanked and I was crushed. I hurt like mad and regretted all the mistakes I had made along the way. Because I didn’t realise the truth that those mistakes were actually stepping stones to success.  But guess what, even in the face of despair, I never gave up. I kept going, making changes, tweaking, getting feedback and changing direction by being responsive. I was practising what I preached.

Today I return to you with the proof that this stuff works. Not just a little, but a lot. If you DECIDE to make a positive change with ALL YOUR HEART and you AC T to pursue it, stoking your vision with the techniques mentioned here on this blog so that you have an ABSOLUTE BURNING DESIRE,  investing FAITH that your plan can become a reality because you have the DRIVE, the FLEXIBILITY and the DETERMINATION to make it happen… it will happen. It has to, without a shadow of a doubt. It will. Be encouraged. And go for it!

Now don’t just sit there-



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